Peugeot Restoration

The bicycle is one of the most respectful and interesting vehicles that exist, especially for short distances. It doesn’t pollute, it’s noiseless, it doesn’t take much space and it allows you to be in shape without needing a gym. By using it, you release endorphins that improve your mood. It’s free to use and much cheaper than any motor vehicle. With all these characteristics, why not building one adapted to your needs and your own aesthetic tastes, thus creating a strong emotional bond with it?


In this personal project, we tried to obtain a reliable vehicle for daily use and even for long-distance trips. For this reason, we chose a classic steel frame of the 70s, due to its resistance and reliability, in spite of its greater weight, which is not that important for journeys, where it’s more important to enjoy the ride than the speed.

On this frame, we fitted components of the original bike, such as the Olimpic 70 brakes, stem, power, etc. Once polished and removed its aged matt coating, it shone like an organic aluminum jewel. The arduous process of polishing began with the use of rough sandpaper to remove the deepest imperfections. It was gradually refined until the shine began to appear and it was finished with a machine polisher – thanks to the collaboration of Judit Veral – to get rid of the last imperfections.



For the parts in contact with the body, components of the firm Brooks were chosen: the leather strap of the handlebar, for its durability and pleasant touch; the classic leather saddle B17, which through its use adapts to your body and improves its cushioning performance and ride comfort use after use, contrary to plastic, that deteriorates.

As for the wheels, we chose wheels of 28 mm wide, but with tread and reinforced to enable their use in any type of terrain not excessively complex.

Finally, the choice of colors came after choosing to use brown leather, which was what conditioned the use of light blue to highlight and reinforce its classic and timeless style.



To complete the project, we reproduced the original stickers and we kept some details, like the headlight for the dynamo, the rear reflector, the road handlebars to allow different positions and the classic pedals with leather straps, to allow using them with of all types of footwear.

Year: 2018