Intercrea  2017 M114

Intercrea is a project that tries to connect, from the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), different people and entities linked in some way with design and innovation, so that they INTERact and provide CREAtive synergies.


This project involves, on the one hand, the students of the Degree of Design of the UJI, proposing different product concepts, on the other hand recognized producer companies, that provide their feedback and the realization of the prototypes, making them have a completely Professional finish, various suppliers that provide materials, design professionals, who coordinate, facilitating the interaction between the parties, spaces and the press, that allow to give visibility to the project, and the university and different public entities that support and promote that everything takes cape.

The students who participate in this project live an experience of developing a real product, following a detailed planning and approaching the different phases of the design process.

This year the company M114, the main collaborator, has proposed as a research theme for the students to develop their projects, the integration of new technologies (Domotic, smartphones, bluetouth, ...) in everyday objects to facilitate their use and the rethinking of the container spaces of objects, because they are changing with the necessities.



The network of participants in this edition, 2017, consists of a wide range of entities and people, all of them interact in this project, to a greater or lesser extent, to make viable what could not individually. These are:

Mobles 114 ( Editor company of contemporary furniture, based in Barcelona, National Design Prize 2001 (Spain).

Jaime I University ( was the first university in the country to offer the degree of Technical Engineering in Industrial Design, germ of the current Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development. Which makes him have a great experience and prestige in the teaching of design. The students who participate in this event are the students of the last year of the Degree with a better qualifications and who have presented the best proposals to participate in this project.

Julia Galán, Professor in the Degree of Design of the Universitat Jaume I is the promoter and global manager of the project and impeller of its visibility in different national and international fairs and events.

Vicent Clausell, product designer (, is in charge of managing the different branches of the project, from the workshop where the proposals are developed, through the contact with the different collaborators and participants, to the direction of art of the exhibitions where the project is presented.

Other collaborators: The Instituto Cervantes (cession of the exhibition space), El Ajuntament de Castelló (sponsor) and Finsa (collaborates with materials for the exhibition space).

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