With Sira, we sought to create an expansive basin that even with a compact size did not give the feeling of being closed off or small, but rather the opposite, inviting to be used and to interact with it. It’s a washbasin with great character, thanks to its changes in inclination and surfaces, that seeks to give a sensation of spaciousness and openness in reduced places, thanks to a small base that allows a great versatility.


Sira-45 còpia

If there is one thing that characterizes Sira it is its clean forms and how they dialogue with each other, giving rise to the characteristic profile that it presents. In the inside, a shelf is raised in a subtle way to generate a space for the faucet, allowing the maximum optimization for bathrooms through countertop basins that need to have a built-in faucet, besides allowing them to be smaller in size.




Basin developed for Sanycces.