Set Lamp

SET lamp is characterized by a distinctly sculptural element, because it consists of one single piece, with a very defined profile that is multiplied when it is illuminated. Its function is hidden in a subtle way but is, by no means, diminished. The timelessness and its functional anonymity lets you to fit it in any style and atmosphere.

This table lamp variant can have a floor lamp, and depending on the room where it’s placed, the base serves as a container for small objects, such as phones, keys, coins, books, etc.


This product is very aware of the optimization of materials. On the one hand, it does all from a single piece of folded aluminum sheet, where all functions are created and, on the other, we studied how to fully optimize the material and not discard any parts. The finish is epoxy powder coating. The inside is white, so as to reflect much light in the outside. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

Design: Vicent Clausell + Eloy Quero