Paella fácil

Paella fácil is a kitchen utensil that helps you find the moment of pouring the rice into the paella. We have worked on the product launch, from the initial idea to its materialization.


The utensil is a guide to help us know when to put the rice in the Valencian paella, once the water has been added to it. The project consisted of finding the solution to fix the utensil to the pan and giving it an aesthetic shape. Simply place the PaellaFácil on the edge of the paella and you will be able to know when to add the rice, regardless of your experience.

In this sequence of images we can see how the initial idea was developed. The customer came with a prototype composed of several complex parts and after the development phase we arrived at the final product. A much optimized result.


Developed for PaellaFácil