BOL was born from the quest to integrate the faucet in the basin, by following one of the most sober and obvious ways to contain liquids: the bowl. The product seeks to connect with a user who looks for sobriety in a basin. That’s why it was designed to get rid of all that is superfluous.


Due to its hidden pedestal, the slight elevation of the basin makes it look as if it were floating, thus it increases its lightness even further and it allows it to be fitted optionally in an overhung position, unlike other conventional bowl basins. Its edge, softened on the inside, reinforces this light sensation and generates an expansive perception of being bigger than what it really is, plus it gives it a pleasant and sympathetic appearance.

If there is one thing that characterizes Bol, it’s the intersection of the cylinder with the spherical figure, requiring a minimum surface to fit the faucet. Its geometries make the sink hygienic and easy to clean.



Basin designed for Sanycces