Intercrea  3/4

We are happy to annouce the first Intercrea Retrospective after 6 years.  In the latest editions a total of 58 designers and 6 companys have collabed in the latest editions thanks to this project. We are so proud of being part of this project alongside Universitat Jaume I and Intercrea that has introduced so many students to the real design world.


The retrospectiva has been called 3/4, because that's what it is, Intercrea is about making products nearly finished, the results are not scaled models, they are real products. This kind of projects, help students to understand how the real designd world works. It also gives them the opportunity to show their work in international fairs. Intercrea gives them a platform to enter the world of desing and boost their careers.


The expo was at Juanuary of the 2022.

Sala de la Muralla
Col·legi Major Rector Peset
Plaça Forn de Sant Nicolau, 4
46001 València




Client: Universitat Jaume I