The main concept of the design is to create a piece of furniture that allows maximum flexibility in its configurations, both in the way of mounting its elements and in the positions. This flexibility can be achieved mainly thanks to the system of guides that are in the modules that go to wall and on the other hand to the variety of modules and existing dimensions.

As modules we can find:
• 4 wall modules, fixed directly to it. These are 4 sizes, two horizontal and two vertical, and are the main element where the others are mounted.
• 1 leg module, this would be the other element that would allow the assembly of other modules and for this, no assembly would be done, simply leave the legs on the floor and on these would mount the modules box of the desired size.
• 3 box modules, these would mainly serve to locate the different electronic devices, which will interact or not with the television. For the mounting of these to the wall, hooks are used which are inserted into the guides of the wall module and onto which they are hung through a profile at the rear of the module. If you want to mount in the module legs, simply remove the hooks and let it fall on the module, thanks to the small walls that it has as a guide, prevents it from falling.
• 2 modules shelf, mainly to put some decoration object, small books, etc. These have relatively small dimensions since they are not made to support much weight.
• 2 modules support, one to be able to hang the television, which would be fixed to this by the standard system and another to hang speakers, which would also have a standard fixture.
• Finally, there would be another module that would be used to hang plants.

The wiring system will be hidden inside the guides where the elements are hung, at the bottom, opposite to where the hook goes, so that they can be put on and removed at any time.
The box modules have the peculiarity of having a mobile front (that moves through a guide that is in the upper part), that at the same time can be subtracted, leaving the module open. This front, is made of a wooden structure, as a frame, and on this is stretched a fabric with two functions, on the one hand hide the electronic devices, allowing you to see through it if there is any light on them and for Other, to allow the passage of the infrared rays making that even being hidden, the devices can operate with a remote control.