Boulders are rocks that take a rounded form and a smooth surface by the blows and frictions to which the fast flow of the water subjects them.
Rock it! part of the observation of these elements that can be found both on beaches and in rivers.
Its soft forms, of the rocks, allow that they can be positioned between them with infinite combinations and all of them are beautiful and correct.
Besides, its form is the result of an incessant movement and that can better define a swing that the movement without which it would not have sense ...
Rock it! Is a space that incites individual and interconnected movement with others.

Rock it! Is a space of interaction and play, delimited by a concrete base that acts as a counterweight and delimits the range of movement.
In this space can be placed different elements that serve to leave objects or interact with them.
From this base emerges a tubular structure on which are hung two ends of a fabric that serves as support for the seat and allows movement.
The fabric is fixed to the seat by simply passing it through its side grooves.
On the tubular structure, an inclinable sunshade can optionally be placed, which can help to deal with the high summer temperatures.
Each individual space can interact with other spaces nearby, being able to position with respect to this of infinity of forms.