Arbo, means tree in Esperanto, and is from where is inspired this modular system for home, that integrate different functions in a single object. This is able to grow on its vertical axis from a wood base on which all the modules you need are mounted, allowing the communication between them. These modules solve, in a unified way so common needs like charging mobile devices and tablets, ambient lighting, contain small objects, giving a green touch with the pot, listening music through Bluetooth and many others that will be expanded in the future. All these features make it become an important point of the home, standing mainly in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc.

It is a living system that can grow and be constantly modified according to the needs of the users. At all times, they can decide which modules and in what order to mount and they can start to build from, some basic module, and go expanding with the time.
With this versatility, the user can obtain with this system a charging station from mobile devices with different levels, a lamp with load station, a independent lamp, different levels of container bowls, a pot, etc.

The assembly of the different modules consist in inserting a cork disc that fits into the top and bottom of each module, serving of separation when mounted, smooth surface for left over phones and tablets, and other objects ... and when the modules are separated, also serves to protect the surface on which these are left.

As for materials, naturals coming from the tree have been used, such as beech wood and cork, to make it warm and close the interaction with the technology. The lamp and the other modules, may have different finishes, the screen can be in natural wood finish or fabric, and wooden modules can be beech finish and lacquered in matt. The most natural detail is it given by the preserved lichen inserted in a holder at the upper module, through which can be exchanged or replaced easily.